Garow aims to lead Nepal's transportation revolution in the next three years by introducing a range of groundbreaking electric vehicles that emphasize innovation, sustainability, and accessibility. Our goal is to redefine how we move, offering electric vehicles that resonate with those seeking advanced, eco-friendly transportation. We strive to set a new standard for cleaner mobility in Nepal, positioning Garow as a symbol of cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility in our country's automotive landscape.


Garow is an electric vehicle brand born from a passion for innovation and a commitment to providing an exceptional start to the journey of sustainable mobility. We believe in crafting electric vehicles that epitomize purity, closeness to nature, and a commitment to a preservative-free world. Our purpose is to champion a future where mobility is not just about movement but a harmonious symphony between technology and environmental integrity, ensuring every ride sparks a cleaner, greener tomorrow for generations to come. Join us as we navigate the roads of change, steering towards a future where every journey fuels the evolution of a cleaner, more exhilarating world.


To pioneer a sustainable transportation ecosystem in Nepal, Garow envisions a future where electric vehicles dominate the roads, contributing to a cleaner environment and enhanced mobility for all.


Garow is dedicated to leading Nepal's transportation revolution by delivering innovative, eco-friendly electric vehicles that prioritize sustainability, accessibility, and cutting-edge technology. Through relentless commitment to excellence, we aim to redefine the norms of mobility, setting a new standard for cleaner transportation and environmental responsibility in Nepal's automotive industry.